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     The Fagali’l airport has made some advancements over the years that has allowed it to become a current success. A very small airport it is indeed, located just a few minutes from Apia, the Fagali’l airport has managed to fly out over 300 flights a month to destinations going to just Savai’i and Pago Pago.

Starting in the beginning, the Fagali’l airport would unfortunately use a grass landing strip to land their planes. During the time when their grass landing strip was in use, pavemented landing strips were common and so ownership knew that it was time for an upgrade, not only because of pavement being common at the time, but because of performance matters of planes on grass landing strip that were related. The landing strip was upgraded.

The upgrade would serve the airport well until issues with noise levels would arise. The village of Fagali’l could not bear the noise vibrations that would result from the pavement and so the airport would shut its doors from business due to noise hazardous conditions. It was later when the Fagali’l airport would make the necessary adjustments, receive inspections and pass them to be able to open its doors again.

Once Fagali’l airport opens its doors it would become a new and improved airport. Not only was the airport able to land on pavement, but they would add on a new flight destination. Before opening its doors, the Fagali’l airport would only serve flights going to and from Savai’i. After opening its doors, a new to and from flight destination would become available – Pago Pago. This addition would definitely add more customers to the mix in a broader realm of the world.

Unfortunately, although the Fagali’l airport made advancements with their flight destination list, they would fail with accomodations. Customers would lack adequate transportation from the airport and this would cause customers to find another airport to land at. The Fagali’l airport made an investment to increase their destination list, but with a decrease in customers due to accommodation factors, this investment wouldn’t be very intelligent. Measures were considered and actions were taken. The Fagali’l airport would soon later entail buses, cabs, shuttles and rental car services and so customers would return and business would thrive as expected.

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