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France has over time proved to be one of the best wine producers on earth with the best wines such as Champagne which originating from the country. The type of soil and the climate experienced in France are optimal for the growth of the best grapes. The people of France have also maintained their culture of producing and enjoying which is another reason wine production is thriving in France. Making wine is their passion. However, they don’t produce it for the sole purpose of selling, but, ensure that they enjoy it as well.

France attracts wine enthusiasts from across the world that flock the country just to roam around wine routes as they enjoy it. Even though these types of tours can be expensive at times, they are totally worth trying out. Traveling Vineyard company specializes in wine testing and giving advice on the best wine routes to follow while in France to get the optimum wine experience.

Top in the list is the famous Champagne route, the name itself is similar to one of the best wines in the world. The area is not very far from Paris, hence, trips to the location can be easily organized. Other recommended wine routes include Provence, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Alsace. All this areas present a picturesque experience and wine testing is allowed. Some of the areas can allow the traveler to experience wine production from the roots.

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About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard was established in 2001 with the sole purpose of personalizing wine tasting and making the tasting experience as flexible and enjoyable as possible. The company allows its customers to hold wine tasting parties whereby they invite one guide to oversee the whole process of wine tasting. The company extensively trains and equips its wine guides so that they can provide the best service that is available.

Anyone can become a Traveling Vineyard guide. All it takes is writing an application or just sending a message to the Group. Once the request is approved, then one is attached to a guide near them and allowed to tag along as they learn the skills until they can handle the task on their own. On completing the online training, one is issued with a complete set of a testing kit including a sommology kit.


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