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Chaz Dean is an inspired hair stylist and hair products developer. He has an active interest in how women care for their hair and educates them on proper maintenance. He recently introduced an all purpose product that seemed too good to be true. This product did it all to women’s hair. It worked as a shampoo and conditioner and repaired damaged hair.

After seeing the QVC ad, Emily McClure was intrigued and decided to test the WEN product by using it for a full week to see how this miracle product changed her fine and limp hair for the better. She began her study after returning home from a trip, and her hair showed the strains. She bravely showed her results using herself as a model. After the seven-day test, she was encouraged by the results and did not mind paying the premium dollars for this complicated formula.

McClure’s in-depth testing is a new and productive form of advertising, and it honestly researched the results of the product claims by the producer of the product. Kudos to McClure and Chaz Dean, for this new all-purpose hair care product. For more information on Chaz Dean and his product line: website,

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Read the extended research performed by Emily McClure for Bustle here: Bustle


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