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YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives her fans and viewers an explanation behind why she stopped making daily vlog videos.


The video begins with Wengie and her fiance Max discussing how they slept through their alarm that morning but were still able to film a few video scenes. She then gives a tour of the kitchen in the house where she and Max are staying on a trip. They then show the house’s lawn and Wengie begins her explanation from the house’s porch.


Wengie starts by saying that she finds it odd that so many people watch her vlogs instead of her main channel videos. She then says she is sad that people got to know her through daily vlogging but that it is way too much work to keep up with. She feels like vlogging took part of her life away and that the video quality was not good because she would be rushing to post them each day. Wengie says that just hurrying to post something sucked the creativity out of her. She then admits that she felt like she did not really live her life because she was always looking for something to shoot and what camera angles would work best. She finishes by saying that she may pick up daily vlogging again someday but that weekly vlogs are all she currently has time to make.


Max and Wengie then visit a marina near the home they were staying in. They admire the beaches and boats they can see and apologize to viewers who live in cold climates since they are enjoying summer. Wengie then shows off her new unicorn choker necklace. They finally show some people fishing and paddleboarding and some little fish in the water below.

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