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Doe Deere was born in Russia, but raised in New York. She is the founder and the CEO of the Lime crime cosmetics line. Doe has always been a very unique individual, and she believes that makeup is not only used to cover imperfections, but that it is also another way of self expression.

In 2008, Doe released her first cosmetics line full of colorful, unique, and cruelty free products. Doe doesn’t believe that beauty is a certain look, she believes that beauty comes from how we feel, and what feels right.

People fell in love with her unique cosmetics. Doe loved bright and vibrant colors, and that is where she developed the name of her cosmetics, it’s her favorite color. She dreamed of developing bright and vibrant colored products, and she did just that.

Doe is very supportive of women that aspire to be entrepreneurs, she even allows them to contact her for advice and information through her Instagram. The idea came from her clothing line called “Limecrime,” that she made on ebay. Doe always wanted to wear bright and unusual colored cosmetics, but they were hard to find, so she made her own.

Customers are very important to her. Before launching a new product, Doe always tries it out first. She must feel it before she puts it out there. She states that a part of what makes her a productive entrepreneur is “Knowing what the brand stands for.” She believes you have to have a clear picture of your customers, and be optimistic when approaching others. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to trust your gut. She always goes by her gut feeling and has learned to trust it.

Her strategy that has helped her business grow, is treating her employees, vendors, and partners well. She has always treated them with love and respect. It gives them the drive to be successful.

Does’ biggest influence is her husband, Mark. He is her partner and her inspiration. He is right by her side as a Lime Crime president. They met sixteen years ago in a band together and have been together since.

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