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The growth of OSI Group since its inception in 1909, has been phenomenal and impressive, to say the least. Over the last century, OSI Industries has not only grown in size but has also grown to command prime locations all over the world. Today, OSI is to the food industry what Apple is to the technology industry. With a dominating presence in 17 countries and 65 facilities spread all over the world, OSI group is at the helm of the international food industry.

OSI group Philosophy

Of much essence, is the company’s commitment to innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technology. OSI’s philosophy is centered on customer service and all efforts are directed towards improving customer experience, and that means improving operations. Consequently, OSI group has always had a high appetite for food technology such as cryogenic food processing. This notwithstanding, the food company has also made strategic partnerships and acquisitions in a bid to improve their services and conveniently target more customers.

Joint ventures & acquisitions

The rapid growth of OSI Industries has been largely fueled by striking partnerships with equally established companies and also purchasing some of them. In a bid to widen its clientele base in Europe, OSI purchased Flagship Europe and rebranded it to Creative Foods Europe. Following the acquisition, OSI is now in a better place to meet the ever-rising demand of their meat products in the European Region.

Additionally OSI purchased a majority stake in Baho Food. Baho is one of the biggest meat providers in the Netherlands and also operates in Germany. With the acquisition of Dutch’s Baho Foods, and U.K.’s Flagship Europe, OSI added Germany’s Hynek Schlachthof GmbH in their portfolio. These acquisitions do not only represent the financial growth of OSI but are also symbolic of OSI’s vision of being the top global food provider.

More about OSI Industries

OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Otto was a German immigrant living in Oak Park, Chicago where he started a small butchery to serve the members of the Chicago community. Kolschowsky made good of his business and had grown the butchery to become a meat supplier by the time his two sons took over.

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